The Brook Avenue staff looks forward to serving the students, parents, and community this school year! Please take a moment to meet our teams!


The Admin Team (L to R): Wade Mackey, Family Engagement Specialist; Jessica Torres, Assistant Principal; Sarah Pedrotti, Principal; Kady Boroff, Accelerated Instruction Interventionist; Maria Antonio, Bilingual/ESL Interventionist; Jo Heyduck, Counselor, Alyssa Hill, Instructional Coach


Our PreK team: Ms. Cardenas, Mrs. Silva, Mrs. Reeves & Ms. Ballesteros


Our Kinder team: Mrs. S. Castillo, Mrs. A. Castillo, Mrs. Shuler, Ms. Blair, Ms. Davis, Ms. Thomas 

first grade

Our 1st grade team: Ms. Brenner, Mrs. Whitley, Ms. Hernandez, Mrs. Orozco, & Ms. Fernandez (not pictured: Mrs. Uptmore)

Second grade

Our 2nd grade team: Mrs. Yerkie, Mrs. Zuniga, & Ms. James

third grade

Our 3rd grade team: Mrs. Stewart, Mrs. Duncan, & Mrs. Morales

4th grade

Our 4th grade team: Mrs. McMeans, Mrs. Smith, Ms. Hedges, & Mr. Jimenez

5th grade

Our 5th grade team: Mrs. Gill & Mrs. Stanfield


Our Specials Teachers: Mrs. Kuchera, Supplementary Instruction; Coach Willis, PE and Health; Mrs. McIlwain, Music; Mrs. Reasor, Special Education; Mrs. Rosas, Librarian


Our Behavior Team: Mr. Dawson, Ms. Hannah O, BEAR Project, Ms. Hannah R., BEAR Project, Ms. Brooke, KLARAS, Mrs. Fields, Ms. Sledge, CIS, Mr. Clay, KLARAS, Nurse Henson, Mrs. McCoy, Mr. Brandon